Welcome to the Althea Investor Centre

Althea Group operates in the medicinal cannabis industry in Australia and, through its strategic partnerships and current and prospective regulatory licenses, aims to become a leading and trusted medicinal cannabis brand in Australia.

Althea Company holds a number of licenses and permits for the importation, cultivation, production and supply of medicinal cannabis in Australia. These licenses, coupled with Althea Group’s focus on patient care, underpins its business strategy.

Althea Group has entered into a number of strategic partnerships which has enabled Althea Group to begin importing and distributing five Althea branded medicinal cannabis products in Australia. Althea Company generated its first sales to pharmacies for supply to eligible patients in Australia in May 2018.

Althea Group has also developed a complementary education and patient support service through its Althea Concierge mobile application and web based platform which provides a simple pathway for health care professionals and patients to access information and support to navigate the complexities of accessing and prescribing medicinal cannabis.

Althea Holdings has an experienced Board and highly skilled Management with relevant industry experience. Althea Holdings’ Board and Management are committed to capitalizing on the growth opportunities that are arising in the medicinal cannabis industry.